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Engineered hardwood flooring is a great innovation in modern flooring that may be your ideal alternative to solid hardwood. On top of its many benefits, you’ll love the quality of engineered flooring. An engineered hardwood floor is comprised of several layers; the top layer is real hardwood, which means the floor you stand on is the same genuine hardwood you always dreamed of owning. With the help of the remaining layers which have been specially designed for maximum practicality, engineered hardwood has several advantages over solid hardwood flooring. Because the other layers in an engineered hardwood floor are made of plywood or high density fiberboard, the engineered hardwood resists the tendency of solid hardwood to expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature. Also, some engineered wood floors with thicker top layers can be sanded many times.

Our engineered wood planks and parquets consist of layers of wood pressed together, with the grains running in different directions. Available in 3 and 5 ply, engineered flooring is perfect for those areas of the house where solid wood flooring may not be suitable, such as basements, kitchens, and utility rooms. Because the grains run in different directions, it is more dimensionally stable than solid wood.

Like solid wood, engineered wood may come in any type of wood, whether exotic, oak or bamboo.